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Winter Test Part 2 .....

Winter Testing Round Up 2022

So winter testing for 2022 part 2 is now over, we came back out on the 1st of February for a 6 week camp, starting off at Andalucia for a pro test, this was really good for me as it gave me a gauge of where I need to be and to find out what the Superstock 1000 riders do slightly different.

I was happy with my time, pushing myself against the top riders.

From there we spent a lot of time at Cartagena circuit, to test more with JR Performance, we were closer to good speed and already had experience of the bike around there so we could play with the setup and electronics.

Big Joe then went home, Dad and I stayed out in Spain, so I got more laps in and became more and more confident with the bike.

We then went back to Andalucia for a few days where I found the setup difference between there and Cartagena, so I managed to go even quicker than I did at the pro test, we were very pleased with this.

After that, back to Cartagena feeling better than ever and was in a good headspace, unfortunately I had a little off following Peter Hickman in really hot conditions, so we took our time building the bike as I damaged it quite badly, however in the end we got it fixed and good enough to ride again, I got back out the next day and tried to get rid of the monkey on my back after the crash and went 1 second slower than my best time which I was content with, especially with a little bit of a twisted bike.

Then I had 3 days on a CB 500 with my pals just having a good laugh and enjoying something so different which I really enjoyed.

To finish the trip we had a 4 days pro test event which was good, I got back down to my times but conditions were not the best with on and off rain so minimal dry time, but this allowed us to test in the wet which we had not done yet, this was good as I bedded into it and by the end was happy with the consistency in the tricky conditions.

Now on my way home and feeling confident, can’t wait for the season to start, I have got my first race at Silverstone with No Limits in 2 weeks time, which is going to be my very first race on the 1000 cc, I cannot wait !!

Would like to thank all of my sponsors for giving me this awesome opportunity, enabling me to race & get out there testing, I’m sure we are going to achieve great things this year.

See you there!!


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