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Thursday Musings - Spain Testing

Spain Winter Test 2022

Spain began with a trip out to Andalucia for 4 days, this was my first outing since the final round of BSB and my first go on the new Honda we had built by Alan Jackson.

I had 4 solid days getting used to the bike and how it reacts, it felt a lot different to the Kwak, but didn’t take me long to get used to it, the main things I really enjoy about the bike are the stableness and the speed.

After I had completed the 4 days, I managed to go quicker on the Honda than I did the Kawasaki and felt happy with what we achieved.

We then had a a few days off and managed to sneak in a Supermoto day, which I really enjoyed and am going to use it more in my training.

We moved on to Malaga, where we met up with some of our mates and rode enduro bikes in the mountains for 2 days, it was a proper laugh and mega to see all the views, getting up some big hills was funny too.

We kindly got invited by Alan and Paul from OMG racing to see if I wanted to go on their private test, so we drove up to Cartagena circuit with Gary Gray, one of my sponsors, who organised this for me and rode both Supermoto and my Honda for 2 days, the bike wasn’t set up, I felt good on the big bike straight away and beat my pb lap time in the second session, and of course the big wheelies on the Supermoto were very enjoyable.

So as I drive home from a top couple weeks away I would like to thank JR Performance for the top 4 days testing in Andalucia, Gary Gray for the enduro and coming with me to Cartagena, massive thank you to Alan and Paul for helping with track time and allowing me to ride, all my sponsors for giving me these sort of opportunities to test and get track time in on the new bike and my Dad for coming out to Spain with me to help me get used to the bike, which I feel very good on, I am very excited for next season.


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