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Sponsorship Opportunities

**************Sponsorship Opportunities*****************

As the 2020 race season is now over & we look forward to 2021 it's the time to ask if any of you would like to join our growing racing family as a new sponsor in my 2nd year in BSB Stock 600, we have available space on the helmets, leathers, awning, advertising board, vehicle & belly pan of the bikes, plus coverage across all our extensive social media, regular updates, sponsor profiles, sponsors vip area on the website with exclusive content, BSB passes, we strive to make our partnerships as mutually beneficial as possible to you and/or your company.

There are a variety of standard packages available, to suit all budgets but we will gladly discuss any singular offer of sponsorship or support. If you are interested and would like to see the full Sponsorship Portfolio & discuss options further, either drop us a private message on here with your contact details, or email directly to

We are currently contacting all our current sponsors also, if you have not yet been contacted, Jo will be in touch very soon. We can then start planning placement etc for the new season

We have got more stock of bobble hats etc in the store now for those who were asking, all proceeds from them also go to the racing fund, so this is another way you can support in 2021, just head over to the store here or direct on the website & thank you to those who have already bought merch , you rock 👌

Thanks for all your support as always, very much appreciated especially as it has been a very difficult year for everyone, let's hope next year is a little more normal.


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