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Knockhill Round 4 Race Report

We arrived at Knockhill to sunny weather which remained for the whole weekend, it turned as the round was over, so we got lucky there I think! It wasn’t the best round for me, was not feeling the best on the Friday so I knew the weekend was going to be a tough one.

Friday was FP day, starting off with a P4 in FP and then the same for FP2, completing 49 laps over the two practice sessions, my best time of the two in FP1 being 48.903.

Saturday we had qualifying and race 1, in qual, I did my fastest lap of the weekend - 49.547 and came in P4 which I was happy with. Race 1 in the afternoon, I didn’t feel the best on my bike overall in this race, I had started off strong and felt a lot better so my confidence was coming back, however, about 8 laps in I started to suffer from brake fade and I began to drop down the pack as my lever was becoming very soft, so I came in P6 with a FL of 48.620.

On to Sunday, we had a quick morning warm up - P3 - FL 48.892, then on to the 2nd race later in the afternoon, it was going well, I felt comfy in the front group, trying to keep my brake from overheating, then the safety car came out and I struggled after that to find my groove again, was in 4th for 10 laps of the race until lap 22 with just 2 laps to go when I had a big moment as another rider lent on me, unfortunately I had to run over on the grass and got pushed back to 8th with a FL of 48.653, my race was better than the result, however at least I managed to get a few points and save myself from a big crash !

Thank you to my Dad and team for trying their best to resolve the problems that we had to deal with. I am giving it my all and I’m nearly there, just need to find that last little bit, I’m not giving up and soon we will get there, just got to stay knuckled down and believe it will come !!

Huge thank you to all my sponsors & everyone who supports me, especially when I feel like I am struggling, couldn’t ask for any better, I will find that podium for you !!


Ruben_Photography167 (Insta)


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