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2023 Sponsorship

***********2023 Sponsorship Opportunities*************

So as we leave the 2022 season behind us, competing in National Superstock for the first time and look forward to new challenges in 2023, we would like to thank all of our sponsors, existing and new, for your very valued support.

It is also the time to offer new partnership opportunities, Joe is remaining in the Superstock class next year, we will post further details of his plans as soon as everything is finalised.

Maintaining focus is of prime importance, and as such sponsorship helps maintain this by taking care of many of the day to day needs, from travel, tyres and fuel to maintaining a social media presence, race suits,

Sponsorship helps massively towards keeping the rubber on the track, which leads to one of our main costs - tyres, we will go through three to four sets on a race weekend, so costs soon mount up, a couple of sponsors have kindly provided tyre sets sporadically this year which really has helped.

All sponsorship is fully invoiced so you can deduct sponsorship payments from your business profits before you pay tax by treating them as business expenses.

We also have the JT19 Club which you can join & enjoy sponsor privileges.

If you chose to partner us, we have some prime spaces on the race suit, helmet, belly pan etc, which you can see examples of on the various photos from this year, we add your company name/logo to our website, include you in race reports and numerous posts on our active social media platforms, offer VIP passes to BSB rounds, as you are probably aware BSB is televised worldwide, Joe received some excellent coverage & commentary mentions both on the TV & trackside this year raising his profile substantially, so it is an excellent opportunity for your brand to receive exposure & make our partnership mutually beneficial, we have options available to suit all budgets.

There is also a wide range of merchandise for sale on our website which is another way to support Joe & advertise the brand simultaneously.

There are photos from this and past years here on the website, plus all the timings & race reports to view at your leisure along with the years review.

If you are interested in joining us on this exciting journey, please drop us a message here or email with any questions.

You can find all the media links for JT19 Racing below with lots of media and information on his career to date :

You Tube :

Thank You



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